CIRCLE CARE Center (CCC) in Norwalk, CT provides comprehensive and state-of-the-art HIV/AIDS care and support. CCC providers are HIV/AIDS Treatment Specialists certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM).

HIV/AIDS Testing & Treatment:

     •  Rapid 20-minute HIV and Hepatitis C testing

     •  HIV Orientation: at the first appointment, new patients receive one-on-one education and
         support to answer any questions about medical treatment and needed services like insurance
         coverage, government benefits and housing.

     •  Primary medical care: HIV primary care with one of our experienced HIV specialist providers
         consists of comprehensive, quality medical care, including:

                  - Consultations,

                  - Annual wellness exams,

                  - Anal carcinoma and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) screening,

                  - Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) consultation,

                  - Comprehensive preventative and symptom-related laboratory analyses,

                  - Sexually transmitted infection consultation and screening,

                  - Preventative vaccinations (HPV, meningitis, flu, pneumonia, shingles),

                  - Nutritional consultations and weight loss therapies,

     •  HIV Specialty services:

                  - Consultation about HIV drug resistance,

                  - Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) diagnosis and treatment for HIV-negative individuals
                       within 48 hours of possible HIV exposure,

                  - HPV and anal carcinoma screening,

                  - HIV/AIDS wasting treatment,

                  - Testosterone replacement therapy (topical gels, intramuscular administration),

                  - Hormonal therapy for our HIV-positive transitioning and transgender community,

                  - Chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCV) 8- and 12-week treatment options,

                  - Medical Marijuana consultation regarding risks/benefits (for patients of CCC).

     •  Sexual Health Counseling helps identify risks for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
         and create an individualized risk reduction plan (including PrEP for HIV-seronegative
         individuals) both to promote your health and minimize possible harm regardless of current HIV

     •  Mental Health: Individual counseling, psychotherapy and annual psychosocial assessments
         with our knowledgeable and sensitive Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

     •  Support groups: Please visit Triangle Community Center’s ( page for
         more information.

     •  Medication adherence counseling provides support and education about HIV infection,
         prescribed medications, and addressing any side effects.

     •  Care coordination offers information, assistance and referrals regarding benefits and
         entitlements, including insurance, housing, food, and referrals to other supportive services.
         CCC works with MFAP and their social worker, case managers, early intervention
         specialist, and nutritionalist for these services.

Learn more about our HIV/Aids clinic, located in Norwalk, CT by calling (203) 852-9525 or contact us here