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HIV Treatment & Care

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HIV Care at Circle Care Center

Circle Care Center in Norwalk, CT provides comprehensive and state-of-the art medical care and support for people living with HIV. Our providers, Dr. David Rubin, MD, and Dr. Trish Garton, DNP, are HIV Treatment Specialists with a combined experience of more than 60 years in caring for patients with HIV, and both are certified as American Academy of HIV Specialists (AAHIVS).

  • Providers at Circle Care Center work with new patients to offer medical case management and HIV care navigation to ensure that all of their treatment needs are met.

        Primary medical care: Primary care for HIV positive patients with one of our experienced HIV Treatment Specialists consists of comprehensive, quality medical care, including:
    • Annual wellness exams
    • Comprehensive preventative and symptom-related laboratory analyses

    • Sexually transmitted infection consultation and screening

    • Preventative vaccinations (HPV, meningitis, flu, pneumonia, shingles)

    • Nutritional consultations and weight loss therapies

    • Consultation about HIV drug resistance
    • Anal carcinoma and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) screening
    • HIV/AIDS wasting treatment
    • Testosterone replacement therapy
    • Hormonal therapy for HIV-positive trans patients
    • Chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCV) 8- and 12-week treatment options
    • Medical Marijuana consultation regarding risks/benefits.

    • Onsite Non-Profit Pharmacy Program Circle Care Center Pharmacy is a full-service specialty pharmacy located at CCC’s medical center in Norwalk, CT. Services include monthly prescription auto-fill, personalized medication consultations, assistance in enrolling in patient assistance programs, immunizations, and financial assistance for qualified patients.

    • Sexual Health Counseling: Identify risks for sexually transmitted infections and create an individualized risk reduction plan (including PrEP for HIV-seronegative partners) both to promote your health and minimize possible harm regardless of current HIV status.

    • Mental Health: Individual counseling, psychotherapy, and annual psychosocial assessments with our knowledgeable and sensitive Licensed Clinical Social Worker.