It is important for us in the LGBTQ community to establish strong relationships with our doctors. Whatever state of health we may be in, staying consistent with visits and appointments is a large part of keeping our lives and health consistent.

Finding a medical professional that we are comfortable with is the first step. Once we find that person, it is important to establish and build a relationship with them. Here are three reasons staying consistent with our medical care is so important:

Continuity of Care
Sticking with the same doctor allows us to be treated by someone who has an in-depth knowledge of our medical history. Additionally, our medical care professionals can give us counseling to help us understand and treat any new conditions we may be experiencing.

Disease Management
While we may never have a disease, it is important as an LGBTQ person to stay on top of our HIV and STI statuses. A doctor that we have a personal relationship with can help us maintain our health in the face of a disease we are either trying to prevent or working to treat.

Support for Mental Health
Medical professionals that we have established strong relationships with are the first ones we can turn to when we are seeking mental health support. Being able to be completely honest with our medical care provider is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy.

Finding one we trust enough with our deepest concerns and medical problems is imperative. When we are able to find a medical professional that we can stick with, it is important to continue to build on this relationship.