Getting tested for STIs can be an uncomfortable experience. There are so many emotions to get through as we wait for the results of our tests. Though getting tested for STIs can be uncomfortable, it is an important part of our lives, especially if we are sexually active.

The actual feeling of getting tested for STIs is something so few people talk about. With all the stigma surrounding STI testing, it can feel like a negative thing even though it really shouldn't be. Read on for a breakdown of what it feels like to get tested.

STI Testing Makes Us Nervous
Once we actually go through the process of setting up the appointment and walking into the testing center, we will find ourselves overcome with nerves. The fact that we may get a life-altering diagnosis can be a bit hard to think about, but when we understand that testing for STIs is as normal as a visit to the doctor, getting through the appointment is a lot easier.

Uncertainty is Expected
We'll feel uncertain throughout the entire experience. As we wait for the results, the feeling of nervousness can lead to uncertainty. Will it be positive or negative? This and a thousand other questions may overwhelm us as we wait for our results. Make it a point to stay focused on the fact that we are caring for our health. No matter what the outcome is, it doesn't change who we are or what we're worth.

Feel Relieved After Getting Tested
When we get our results back, whether immediately from a rapid test or several days later through a phone call or in-person appointment, we will feel relieved that we went through with the testing. Taking care of our sexual health is a necessary part of life. If the results are positive, it is important to treat the STI as soon as possible, as well as talk to a healthcare professional about all of our emotions and how better to protect ourselves in the future.

No matter what the results are, getting tested for STIs is important. Make an appointment today with CIRCLE CARE Center.