Individuals who are in the LGBTQ social spheres are undoubtedly barraged with a list of health-related acronyms. All of these seemingly foreign labels carry more than their share of weight. It seems that all community members are aware of their importance, but it is not always true that members understand them.

To begin a true ownership of your life, it is imperative that you become familiar with a few healthcare terms. Here are three to help you in your journey.

This is the acronym for “sexually transmitted infections.” These three letters are passed around in conversation in places ranging from support meetings to online dating sites. The awareness of one’s own STI statuses is one of the most important factors in enjoying a healthy sexual life.

This pharmaceutical therapy was inspired by the troubles arising out of past decades. It was assumed by society that certain diseases were only an LGBTQ problem. In fact, certain STIs have been proven to be societal issues affecting everyone. PrEP is an available treatment that prevents a large percentage of HIV transmission. It is an accessible preventative measure that all members of the community should be familiar with, and consider using.

Hepatitis C
Hep C is a very common virus that is found on a diverse range of human bodies. Hep C is passed through all types of human contact, and it recently became a completely treatable disease.

Becoming familiar with modern community terms and definitions is helpful. At CIRCLE CARE Center, we are here to help. We offer a safe and healthy way to become more educated about your health.