When dating as a gay man, the world of romantic and sexual relationships can be incredibly complicated. We can, however, take some of the complications out of it by making sure we stay safe as we date. A large majority of dating today is done online first, then in-person. This can add another element of danger and uncertainty to the process. Read these three tips to stay safe as you date:

Trust Instincts and Gut Feelings
We all have instincts for a reason. Even if you think the person you are chatting with is prince charming, they may be hiding something. When meeting people online, you have to make sure you feel comfortable enough to meet in-person. It's a great idea to start with a video call to verify that you are actually talking to the person you think they are. If your gut feelings are telling you “no,” it may be a sign to move on.

Hold Back on Personal Information
Even if you meet a potential love interest in someone you’ve met, it is important to keep your cards close to the chest. That means keeping your sensitive information like last name, the name or location of your place of work, and the names of family and friends a secret. As you get to know the person better and build trust with them, you can start to reveal more information.

Practice Safe Sex
Whether you have sex after a few weeks or a few days, it is important to make sure you are staying as safe as possible. That means having the STI discussion as well as wearing condoms. Following every sexual partner, it is important for you to be tested for STIs.

While we are searching for a new lover, we sometimes let our guards down. By trusting our instincts, waiting to share important information, and practicing safe sex, we can take some of the danger out of finding love. For any more tips or health concerns, make an appointment with us today!