We all suffer bad days, but sometimes a bad day never seems to end. It extends into weeks or even months, and we can’t quite put our fingers on what’s going on. In a situation like this, realizing that anxiety and/or depression might be the problem is simple because of the longevity of these feelings. However, depression and anxiety don’t always manifest every day for months on end. Sometimes the signs come and go, and it might leave you wondering if you are suffering from either mental health issue. It’s time you learn to recognize the signs in your everyday life.

Extreme Feelings of Hopelessness

Both anxiety and depression cause you to feel hopeless. This is more than just feeling down and out for a day or two. No matter how realistically you’re able to look at the situation and understand it’s not hopeless, you can’t convince your brain it’s not. You feel there is no answer, no hope, and no way out of your current situation. Your outlook is hopeless all the time in every situation, and you cannot change the way you feel.

You Enjoy Nothing

Beautiful days, happy moments, and the simple joys in life no longer bring you feelings of happiness. Your kids don’t make you smile, and nothing wonderful happening to you feels good. You can’t even find a shred of happiness in the most joyful moments. This is not uncommon in any of us, and it does happen from time to time. It’s when it happens all the time, and you’re unable to change this feeling, that you should look into speaking with a mental health specialist.

You’re Thinking About Death

Suicidal thoughts are among the most concerning thoughts you’ll ever have. If you think about taking your own life, about dying, or about how much better the world would be without you in it, seek help immediately. Suicide is never the answer, even when it feels there is no other viable option in your life. If you’re experiencing thoughts like this, it’s one of the most obvious and telltale signs you’re suffering.

Seek Help Immediately

If you have thoughts of suicide, seek help immediately. If you notice anxiety and depression symptoms, combined with weight loss, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, and other feelings of general malaise that don’t go away, seek help. There is hope. It might not feel as if this is true, but there are doctors who can help all of us feel better, live happier, and take control of our emotions.

For patients receiving medical care at CIRCLE CARE Center (CCC), our Mental Health and Social Services Department offers individual and group counseling to support your emotional and physical well-being. We are committed to providing services that are affirmative, sex-positive, culturally sensitive, consistent with risk reduction principles, and that promote patient self-determination. Contact us today for more information!