It's no surprise that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. Many people have gained their popularity through the social media site.

But for the LGBTQ community it may be difficult to find quality YouTube channels that are popular, entertaining, and inspirational. Searching through the click-baiting thumbnails and skimming through hours of footage can be exhausting. That's why we would like to highlight a few of our favorite lesbian-owned YouTube channels:

Recently married, Alyssa and Sam Darling run a popular YouTube channel, appropriately named Sam&Alyssa. Their channel highlights their lives as a lesbian couple and their loving relationship. With a wide audience and a subscriber count of over 150,000, the two ladies have dedicated nearly ten years of their lives towards showing the world that being gay is okay. Their profile page features other LGBTQ channels, including Rose Ellen Dix.

Rose Ellen Dix is another lesbian channel run by the two British YouTubers, Rose and Rosie. Like Alyssa and Sam, Rose and Rosie have tied the knot and continue to upload videos of everything from LGBTQ issues and relationship advice to reactions and reviews. Posting videos nearly every week to an audience totaling over 720,000, Rose Ellen Dix is a great channel for anyone in the LGBTQ community who is just beginning their search for quality lesbian-run channels.

Recently, one channel in particular that has had more attention drawn to it is BriaAndChrissy. With a staggering 760,000+ subscribers, this channel is less about the daily lives of Bria and Chrissy, but takes a more entertainment perspective. Popular uploads include "10 Worst Ways to Come Out" and "10 Ways to Know You Are in Love."

The last channel we would like to highlight is the MyHarto run by Hannah Hart. Hannah has 2.5 million subscribers and is the most well-known LGBTQ YouTuber. Published author, comedian, and actress, Hannah is a likeable person who creates videos about just about everything.

Who are your favorite YouTubers? Let us know!