There are a lot of great gay young adult books to read right now! If you are looking for your next LGBTQ-friendly page-turner, here are 5 options that we recommend and why. Readers of all types are sure to find something they enjoy!

1.    More Happy Than Not

Adam Silvera gets right to the heart with this realistic fictional tear-jerker. Follow the journey of a teen named Aaron who starts off feeling the lowest of the low. We love this book because it addresses multiple struggles that many of us face. Aaron wrestles with the transition from being best friends to more as he resists the pressure to shed his true identity.

2.    We Are Okay

Nina LaCour provides comfort to anyone going through rough transitions. Young Marin goes on a personal journey to fill the voids in her life left by time, distance, and experiences. We love this book because it is all about using the bonds of friendship to reconnect in a world that sometimes feels like it's trying to tear us apart.

3.    Sock it To Me, Santa!

Madison Parker switches it up in this sometimes funny, sometimes serious realistic fiction novel about a straight teenage boy assigned a gay teenage boy as his Secret Santa recipient! We love this book because it tackles the issue of homophobia from the perspective of someone who feels it.

4.    The Gives Light Series

For those seeking to embark on a literary journey, we recommend these 7 books by Rose Christo. Skylar, a Native American teenager, walks us through every detail of his life's journey. He tackles issues of race, sexuality, and family relationships...things that speak to so many readers.

5.    Just Juliet

Charlotte Reagan tells the story of 17-year-old Lena. Lena has what many of her peers believe to be the "perfect life." She doesn't understand why she doesn't agree...until she meets the openly lesbian Juliet. We love this book because it speaks to both lesbian and general female empowerment!

These 5 novels are distinct enough to offer something powerful for every LGBTQ reader. What they all have in common is a quality of story-telling that we believe to be relatable but not boring, moving but not cheesy, and a great mix of humor and inspiration. We hope you enjoy!