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July 6, 2023


Norwalk-Based Circle Care Center Receives Grant from Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, Enabling Sexual Health Program for Uninsured People


Circle Care Center will use the grant funding to launch a 12-month comprehensive HIV prevention and sexual health program for uninsured people in the greater Norwalk area.


Circle Care Center ( today announced that it has received a generous grant in the amount of $50,000 from the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation to support its new comprehensive HIV prevention and sexual health program for uninsured people.


Circle Care Center launched the new program in May 2023 and will cover all out-of-pocket expenses for 35 uninsured patients for comprehensive sexual healthcare and the HIV prevention treatment pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for 12 months. This program includes quarterly STI testing, quarterly provider appointments, an annual physical exam, annual physical lab panels, and 12 months of HIV prevention medication.


While drug manufacturers offer patient assistance programs to help cover the cost of HIV prevention medication for uninsured patients, barriers still exist that prevent uninsured people from accessing this important service. Appointment fees, required quarterly lab testing, and STI testing and treatment can sometimes present unexpected out-of-pocket costs that might prevent an uninsured patient from remaining on this treatment which requires quarterly testing and provider visits. With the support of the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, Circle Care Center’s new program aims to eliminate all of these potential financial barriers to ensure that uninsured patients can access HIV prevention treatment for zero out-of-pocket costs for at least twelve months. If the program is successful, Circle Care Center intends to seek funding that will extend its duration and expand the program to reach more people in the future.


To be eligible for the program, applicants must live in Fairfield County, be between the ages of 18 – 50, currently be uninsured, make less than 250% of the federal poverty limit, and be a member of a group considered to have an elevated risk of being exposed to HIV such as men who have sex with men, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender people, intravenous drug users, or women of color. Applicants can find more information and apply to participate in the program on Circle Care Center’s website at


About Circle Care Center

Circle Care Center is a nonprofit public outpatient medical center in Norwalk, CT working to provide the highest quality medical care to its patients. Specializing in primary care for people living with HIV and the LGBTQI+ community, as well as HIV prevention (PrEP & PEP), Hepatitis C, and sexual health (STI testing and treatment). Circle Care Center achieves its mission by eliminating the barriers perpetuating health disparities among marginalized groups, working daily to provide affordable, inclusive, and equitable services to everyone it serves. For more information, visit


About the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation

The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation is committed to inspiring philanthropy and community service by creating awareness, offering guidance, and leading by example to show the world what giving can do. The Foundation’s grants support nonprofit organizations based in the United States that either help people in need or solve complex problems. The Foundation also spearheads grassroots campaigns to encourage others to give. For moree information, visit


Media Contact:

Anthony Crisci

CEO & President

Circle Care Center

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