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Do you need PrEP, but not sure how to access or afford it?

Circle Care Center can help!


We are beginning a new program to help underinsured or uninsured patients who need PrEP. Those who qualify receive 12 months of:

  • Free lab work
  • Free PrEP prescription
  • Free provider expertise

Patients who do not qualify for free services can still receive low-cost care. There is limited availability for those who qualify.


Q & A


Do I need insurance to qualify for this program?

  • No, you do not need insurance to qualify for this program, it is meant to help those who are underinsured or uninsured.


Do I need to have a government issued ID?

  • No. It is helpful to bring a photo ID with you like a passport or something with your picture on it, but a United States ID and is not required.


What is covered for me under this program?

  • You will receive 4 quarterly visits, lab work fees, provider care, 1 annual physical appointment, and a PrEP prescription for 12 months.


How long does this program provide free services for?

  • Free PrEP services are limited to 12 months. After that, there could be a low monthly cost to continue the treatment. We will remain transparent about any changes in billing or cost to you at all times.

How to request an appointment for this PrEP Grant at Circle Care Center:

Request an appointment using this link. Or call our office at 203-852-9525


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