If you are transgender, there are several good reasons to keep up with your healthcare. Of course, this is easier said than done. Your local LGBTQ organization should be able to refer you to a doctor or clinic who can handle your needs. If you live in or near Norwalk, CT, consider going to CIRCLE CARE Center. We are a healthcare provider that specializes in LGBTQ health, including sexually transmitted infections.

There are several transgender-specific health services that we specialize in. Our goal is to provide quality, holistic care to our trans clients as well as a safe space where they can share their concerns and receive emotional support. There are many concerns that we address when working with our transgender patients.

Hormone Use

Many people who identify as transgender take hormones to appear more like the gender with which they identify. Some people purchase these from a non-medical hormone provider to save money or to avoid having to see a doctor. Street hormones, though, carry many risks such as blood clots, heart disease, and liver damage. But getting your hormones from a reputable health facility is the best course of action. And here at CIRCLE CARE Center, we will work with you to make the safest hormone decisions possible.

Substance Use

Because of discrimination, the threat of violence, family conflict and shame, some transgender people turn to addictive substances. Amphetamines are the most common drugs of choice, but marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol are also commonly used. At CIRCLE CARE Center, we will discuss substance use issues with you and help you get into a safe treatment program, if necessary.

Heart Disease

Transgender people may have several risk factors for heart disease. These include hormones, especially those from a non-medical provider, depression, obesity and smoking. CIRCLE CARE Center will evaluate your risks and keep a careful eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol. We will also teach you the early signs of a heart attack so you can summon help quickly.

Transgender people often have trouble finding access to competent and compassionate healthcare. But we are here to help. Contact us today at (203) 852-9525.