Move over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry — there’s a new royal wedding making headlines!


In a late September ceremony, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, made history as the first member of the royal family to have a same-sex marriage.

Before marrying James Coyle, Lord Ivar married Penelope "Penny" Vere Thompson in 1994. Together, they had three daughters before amicably divorcing in 2011. In 2016, Lord Ivar publically came out as gay, two years after same-sex marriage was made legal in the UK.

The Big Day

Despite what Lord Ivar described as “horrible British weather” in an Instagram post, the two grooms had a beautiful day. Not only was Lord Ivar’s entire family present at the ceremony, but his ex-wife, Penny, walked Ivar down the aisle.

Though not much is known about the ceremony, who attended, or what was served, it’s believed the day was relatively small, with 60 people supposedly in attendance. And though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it appears that, though no other members of the royal family were in attendance, the couple was surrounded by plenty of love.

The Bristol’s Teachers Rock gospel was among the many witnesses, serenading the grooms as they said their “I do’s.” The couple also worse matching velvet smokers jackets and had wedding rings specially made by Milly Maunder designs.

The Impact of a Royal Same-Sex Marriage

Though the royal family wasn’t in attendance, it’s said that the couple has the full support of the royal family behind them. Not only has same-sex marriage been legal in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) for several years, reports show that more than 60% of Brits don’t find anything wrong with same-sex marriages.

Though he’s not in line for the throne, Lord Ivan’s marriage still carries weight. “Change happens a lot around the edges, and as people further from the center make changes, these will increase toward the center,” said Jonathan Thomas, the publisher of He has covered the British monarchy and British culture since 2007.