Human Papillomavirus, better known as HPV, is one of the most common STDs, with more than 79 million people currently infected. As many as three out of four women will get the disease at some point in their lives, and it can also be transmitted by gay and bisexual men. There are also several important reasons why someone should be tested for this virus.

HPV Can Cause Health Complications

Although many people with the disease will experience no adverse effects, it can still lead to major health issues in others. The virus is the number one cause of cervical cancer, and it can also cause cancers of the penis, anus, vulva, vagina, and throat. It's also responsible for genital warts. There's no way to predict what type of the virus will cause problems over time.

Testing Is Easy

All that the doctor will do is check a women's cervical cells for anything abnormal. This is a painless procedure that will take just a few minutes. Often, a pap test will be performed at the same time to determine whether or not a woman has cervical cancer. Women between the ages of 30-65 should receive the co-test every five years. Younger women should receive the test if an abnormal pap result is discovered, the test for which is recommended every three years from age 21. At this time, there is no FDA-approved test for men.

There Are Ways To Fight Back

If a test comes back as negative, you can receive the HPV vaccine to reduce your risk of contracting the higher-risk variations of the disease. Not only is the vaccine considered safe, but recent studies show that it retains its effectiveness for at least eight years. Both men and women can receive the vaccine.

Take The Test

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