Looking for ideas for a fun Pride Day outfit? Look no further! We're here to give you ideas and tips on creating the perfect outfit.

One of our favorite options is the classic tie-dye. You can take pretty much any article of white clothing and turn it into a rainbow. You can do pants, shirts, shoes, and even accessories. The sky's the limit! Since you probably don't want to spend too much money on an item of clothing that you're just going to dye, check out the clearance racks at a couple of different stores. If you're looking for tie-dye inks, most crafting stores sell kits with different colors and instructions.


If you're the type of person who likes to be adventurous with your hair, you can always dye your hair for Pride. If you're not looking into something permanent, don't worry: there are other options. You can use temporary dyes, hair chalk, or even grab a pair of colorful hair extensions.


Another great option for a Pride day outfit is a graphic tee showing your pride. Lots of brands sell shirts with funny slogans and sayings on them. You could also go the simple route and just buying a shirt with a flag on it. Many brands and websites sell Pride clothing. Just make sure you find one a bit early in case you need to have it shipped.

A lot of people like to wear body paint and stickers. Paint a Pride flag on your arm or put cute stickers on your cheek. Not everything has to be rainbow-themed, though. Many people like to use glitter and metallic paints to make a bold statement. You can even match your hair and outfit to the paint that you choose.

Pride isn't known for being boring, and many people make wild outfits to fit the atmosphere. From homemade rainbow capes to flower crowns, bras, hats, and many other items, you’ll see the spectrum of outfits! If you're feeling crafty, you can make some of your own clothing and accessories to wear to Pride.

If you can't find an outfit before going to Pride, wander around local stores or check out the booths at the Pride festival. Many vendors sell clothing, and they usually donate part of their proceeds to different LGBT charities.