If there’s anything movie and TV shows have taught us over the years it’s that sex is always spontaneous, thrilling, and wonderful — things that are often not true in the real world.

For many women, sex can be painful and anything but wonderful. In fact, roughly 75 percent of women have at one point or another had painful sex. Unfortunately, many women feel as though they’re the only ones out there feeling like this or that they’re doing something wrong.

If you’re experiencing painful sex, don’t lay quiet anymore. There are often simple and treatable reasons for painful intercourse.

1. You’re not fullY aroused.  

Many women feel a certain type of pressure in the bedroom — pressure to please their partner and to be ready for sexual penetration whenever their partner is. If you’re feeling tight or a chiefing sensation during sexual penetration, you may need to spend more time on foreplay.

2. You could have vaginismus.

Vaginismus is the “involuntary hyper contractility of the pelvic floor muscles with either penetration or attempted vaginal penetration.” In simpler terms, it means the muscles around your pelvic floor tense when they should relax.

3. What your partner is doing doesn’t work for you.

Part of having a healthy sex life means having a line of communication. Never be afraid to speak up and tell your partner what you do and don’t like. In fact, it’s a conversation you should have before your first time together.  

4. You could have an STI

Certain STIs, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, can cause pelvic pain that’s exacerbated during intercourse.

A yeast infection, though not an STI, can also cause a burning sensation during sex. If it also burns when you pee or feels like you still have to pee even after just having gone to the bathroom, you may have a yeast infection.